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Vertical Crusher

Feeding material drop into high speed rotation impeller,under the action of high speed centrifugal force, impacted with the materialwhich surrounding the impeller in Umbrella shape. After impaction, materialwill impact again between impeller and chamber, and discharge by screen device.Outputs size well controlled.



1. Innovated vortex crushing technology and originalrotation blade technology

2. Original material twisting technology, separatingferrous and nonferrous, removing painting on the surface, improving outputsquality. Metallic material twist into bulk size, bulk density well improved.

3. Low wearing parts requirement. All the wearing partsmade by high quality abrasion resistance material which with long service life.

4. Some of the parts made by extra-hard abrasionresistance material, small size, light weight, easy for replacement.

5. Work stable, safety, environmental, high efficiencyand energy saving. High put through rate


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