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Four-shaft shredder

Apply to shred car shell, solid industrial waste, medicalwaste, electronic waste, plastic buckets, plastic box, plastic bottles, metalcans, metal drums, woven bags, timber, refrigerator, circuit boards andcartons. Suitable for various kinds of big volume, hard broken materialrefinement. Output material size controllable, high efficiency, low speed, hightorque, low noise.



1. Suitable for various kinds of big volume, hard brokenmaterial refinement

2. Planetary gear reducer driving, four-shaft differentialoperation, tearing, squeezing, biting.

3. With out extra feeding device. Blade withself-cleaning function.

4. Blades using special alloy steel with a special uniquecraft.

5. The thickness of the blade is the width of theshredding material, shredded material with long strip shape.


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