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Twin-shaft Shredder

Twin-shaft shredder with two axes operateddifferentially, with functions of tearing, extrusion and occluding. Shredvarious kinds of material. It equips with hydraulic feeding device type, nofeeding device type, and with rotation screen type . It is used for shreddingwood, tires, iron drum, scrap steel, refrigerator and ELV shell



1. Low-speed, high torque, low noise ,high-efficiency.

2. Two rows of blades opposite occlusion, Tearing,shearing, extrusion etc.

3. Suitable for light metal shredding, even outputs sizeand grain size controllable.

4. PLC control, with the counter reversion and emergencystop function to protect the machine.

5. Scientific designed structure, easy repairing, andmaintenance.


Shredded granularity

The thickness of the blade is the width of the shreddingmaterial, shredded material with long strip hape



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