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LCD Monitor Dismantling Equipment

LCD Monitor Dismantling Equipment is applies forrecycling waste LCD TVs, computers, small home appliances. This equipmentequipped with belt conveyor system and intelligence dismantling workingstation, material delivered to this equipment, dismantling in one workposition. Avoiding dust and bad smell emission, pulse dust collection andexhaust gas treatment system are designed into this line to protect laborhealth, and emission qualified to national standard.


● Rotation dismantling working table, high flexibilityand stability

● Individual valve control negative airflow for eachworking table, energy saving

● Innovated night-time model, increase working efficiency

● Blet conveyor system and intelligent optimizeintegration

● Customized design offered.< According to client’srequirement for the LCD size and capacity. >


Waste LCD Tvs, computers delivered to each working table,switch on negative dust collection system. CCFL  dismantled in storage boxon the table,and other plastic, hardware, LCD panel, PCB and wires transfer tobelt conveyor,then scraps are separated and storage Individually at the end.




RHL - 16 16 working position

RHL - 4 4 working position


50~100 sets/h



Less than 5kw


Overall Size

25000mm × 4300mm × 3700mm

5000mm × 3300mm × 1850mm

Material Size

Size<=52inch LCD or other small home appliance

Size<=42inch LCD or other appliance


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