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Cathode Ray Tube(CRT) Separation & Recycling Equipment


It is utility equipment used for CRT glass harmless treatment and recycling. CRT is one of major component for TVs and PC monitors, funnel glass contains heavy metal, such as lead which cause serious pollution of the environment. At present, the most efficient method for Lead-contained glass is crushing into glass powder and sends to CRT manufacture or lead melting factory.

2.Work Flow

Main steps for CRT separation equipment:

1. Electric grinding wheel to remove explosive-proof belt, hot wire and high pressure cooling separate panel and funnel glass, vacuum cleaner collect fluorescent coating. 

2. Manually put CRT on the explosive-proof belt remove platform, fixed by sucker; 

3. Electric grinding wheel take the metal belt off, and angle grinder remove glue and graphite; 

4. Processed CRT delivered by conveyor to separation platform, CRT is centered in the separation station, Ni-chrome wire wrapped CRT, fasten and heating, cool down by high pressure compress cool air, panel and funnel glass is separated; after separation, fluorescent coating is collected by vacuum cleaner.

As there are different element for the panel and funnel glass, funnel glass contains lead(about 22%), panel glass is lead-free, thus, panel and funnel glass need to be processed separately.

3. CRT Hot Wire Separation Technology Introduction

CRT Hot Wire Separator operates very safely, efficiently and in accordance with the strictest environmental regulations. The Hot wire Technology improves the heat transfer on the tube to achieve accurate separation. VARY provide Semi-automatic Hot wire Operation Systems.

The high accuracy of the cut which separates the Cathode Ray Tube into panel and funnel glass fractions means that it is possible to add more recycled glass into the glass melt for savings in both energy and raw materials.

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