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E-waste Recyling Project in Xingang Facility

E-waste Recyling Project in Xingang Facility

Important data

Site area: 12000m2

Investment scale: 800 million

Treatment capacity

600,000 tons per year.

Project overview

It has built the domestically most advanced pipeline for disassembling waste electronic and electric appliances, and the internationally most advanced productive line for polyurethane heated boards, and formed the efficient resource renewing and recycling system which is capable of producing a new-typed an environmentally friendly material-polyurethane heated boards after direct technical treatment upon waste materials produced by waste household appliances disassembling centers. It brings about the new stage of updated development of those enterprises engaged in integrated utilization of waste materials of household appliances and builds a complete, standard industry supporting platform with certain scales for the sake of leaping forward development of those resource recovery and recycling industries.

Qualifications and honors

Appointed as the qualification enterprise for disassembling household appliances after like-for-like replacement

The already established domestically advanced and modernized base for selecting, disassembling, storing and transporting waste household appliances.

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