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E-waste Recycling Project in Nanjing Facility

E-waste Recycling Project in Nanjing Facility

Important data

Site area: 50 mu(about 3.335 hectares)

Investment scale: 60 million

Treatment capacity

2 million appliances per year

Project overview

It has been built into the biggest and the most professional demonstration project for e-waste treatment.Since the day of like-for-like replacement of household appliances campaign, it has recycled and reassembled 4,330,000 waste household appliances, which occupy 33% of the total quantity of recycled household appliances in Jiangsu province and come out top among the 105 same trades by occupying 4.8 % national market has the internationally advanced automatic reassembling lines and various reassembling lines for TV sets, washing machines, air conditioners and computers, providing a optimal platform for disposing such waste electronic products.

Qualifications and honors

It is one of the first batch of fund subsidy enterprises for e-waste treatment in China.

The bid-winning enterprise for disposing and reassembling e-waste products and for like-for-like replacement project in Jiangsu province.

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