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E-Waste Recycling Project in Miluo City

E-Waste Recycling Project in Miluo City

Important data

Site area: 40000m2

Investment scale: 200 million

Treatment capacity

Able to recycle, dismantle,and cyclic utilize about 370,000 tons of electronic wastes per year and 20,000 tons of copper clad laminates( per year; able to recover and sell 40,000 tons of waste steels per year.

Project overview

It has ensured the comprehensive disposal and harmless utilization of electronic wastes by employing automatic and mechanic equipment without any pollution and emission. Subsequent measures include integrated utilization of disposed electronic wastes to construct a green industrial chain of resource use. Equipped with refrigerator recovery treatment lines, printer treatment lines, TV and computer recovery lines, plastic cleaning lines, copper pieces machine lines, circuit board recovery lines, dismantling lines for components of circuit board, dismantling lines for small household appliances, disposal lines for waste motor vehicles.

Qualifications and honors

Designed as the appointed disposal unit of dismantling and utilizing electronic wastes.

Listed as the special co-operative project of government bank and enterprises for strategic rising industries.

Elected as the clean production enterprises in Guangdong province

Elected as one of the first batch of fund subsidy enterprises for e-waste treatment in China.

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