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VARY Got A Big Order of Refrigerator Recycling Machine

VARY won the bidding for Refrigerator Recycling Equipment Project in June from CNMC (Daye Nonferrous), which is one of the top 500 enterprises in China. The amount of this order is more than 10 million yuan.

In this hot summer, when the temperature in facility is up to more than 40 degrees, staffs in VARY manufacturing facility work over time to ensure delivery on time. They voluntary work untill nine o'clock at night, making sure that every joint is welded at highest quality, and every part is assembled tightly and correctly.

Hunan Vary Tech Co.,Ltd developed the first set of Refrigerator harmless treatment and recycling system in 2010, which approved by Ministry of Industry and Information of P.R.C that "China's first Innovated , Fill Blank Market". After 6 years of developing, we have sold more than 30 sets of systems in domestic market, and we are also the first to export whole set of system to foreign countries. These efforts do not only bring us large numbers of customers, but also high reputation all around the world.

The new system we are selling to Daye Nonferrous improved a lot based on our original system. The capacity of this system is improved to 40-50 sets per hour. The cost of running is decreased by improving processing procedures. It does not only meet the newest regulation of local government, but also maximize the profit for our customers.

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