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E Waste Recycling Project in Shanxi Facility

E Waste Recycling Project in Shanxi Facility

Important data

Site area: 200 Mu

Investment scale: 230,000,000

Treatment capacity

Disposing 600,000 electric appliances and 5,300 tons of electronic products per year; recycling and saving up 5,000 tons of batteries as well as 5,000 dry batteries per year.

Project overview

Introduction of automatic disassembling pipelines of large-typed household appliances such as TV sets, computers, refrigerators and airconditioners; treatment equipment of components and spare parts like circuit boards, CRT, wires and cables; the related equipment and facilities for classifying, packing, storing, dismantling and disposing electronic wastes. It has filled the gap in the automatic disassembling of waste electronic products in Shaanxi province, and become the waste disposal base of the largest scaled, most capabled in integrated disposal, most automated, most productive in scientific creation in Shaanxi until nowadays.

Qualifications and honors

The first provincial demonstration project for disassembling electronic wastes.

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